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If numerous applications of
equal quality are received, preference may be given to papers on the French
Revolution, Alison Patrick’s primary area of interest. The Scholarship is open to students undertaking full- or part-time doctoral
study in French or francophone history (or a related field) at a recognised
university anywhere in the world. Oyono-Mbia was a dramatist, a stage director, and a storyteller. His ability to translate his work in English or French earned him a wide audience at home and abroad.

Kelly also acts as curator, artist, filmmaker, and theater director. Her artistic works have been shown at museums and on stages worldwide. As a member of the Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM), her academic and artistic works advance to the digital space to include visions of Black futures.

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Register via Kwazman Vwa’s website to receive the Zoom link. The fellow may also choose to spread the award over 12 months (at 0.5 FTE).

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The company policy was not to hire people living with hepatitis B, and my contract was terminated. After receiving the news, I was so disappointed because during my 30 days of training I showed great results, and I was not hired based only on my hepatitis B status. I was not compensated for the 30 days of training because the company said I wasted their time and resources by not disclosing my hepatitis status with them. However, I did disclose my status on the second day of my training but they did not acknowledge it at the time. If the director knew more about how hepatitis B is transmitted, and if he knew people living with hepatitis B can still be fit to work, I believe he would change his policies. Following COVID-19 outbreak, total lock down came into force in Manipur (India) compelling closure of all government offices and hospitals except for emergency cases. Consequently, no hepatitis C (HCV) related services under the National Viral Hepatitis Control Program (NVHCP) were done at any of the Model Treatment Centres (MTCs).

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Kelly presently heads Germany’s first Institute for Black German Arts and Culture, opening in Fall 2023. Warum Feminismus mehr als Geschlechtergerechtigkeit fordern muss“ was published at Piper Publishing House in August 2023. 4°/The fourth axis finally will focus on the journeys of the authors, the image they have of themselves as writers. We will focus on the conditions of literary production and publishing/self-publishing, as well as institutional actions and policies supporting literary creation specifically dedicated to women.

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Furthermore, although his stories are primarily rooted in the Cameroonian (and African) experience, the topics he explores call for a transcultural and transnational reading and interpretation of his literary production. The two days of the conference will continue with a round table bringing together Arab Writers with completely different trajectories and projects. Open to the public, this dialogue with artists will be an opportunity for participants to discover unique contemporary writings but also to exchange with the artists their apprehensions of literature from and about the Arab world. We welcome submissions in various formats, including research papers, critical essays, creative writing pieces, translations, and comparative studies. All submissions should present original work and contribute to a more profound, and complex understanding of hybridity within the Amazigh world. These targeted decentralization initiatives enabled screening of 908 people, of which, 378 (42%) people were found reactive to HCV antibody. Of the total reactive, 325 (86%) were linked for RNA test, with samples drawn at the DTC and OST centre itself.

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We will be able to identify the thematic, poetic, stylistic and aesthetic particularities of the works of authors from the Arab world. We will also seek to what extent linguistic and cultural socialization as well as the traditions of Arab literatures as well as those of Western literatures influence the contemporary writing of women in and about the Arab world. We will direct, for example, the research towards the authors of the Gulf who were the first, at the turn of the 21st century, to value the individual, the intimate, the positioning towards the Other and transgression, in particular sexual transgression. The Fellowship offers early career researchers the opportunity to develop their research within one of the world’s leading universities and so strengthen their future position in the academic job market. Many previous Laming Fellows have moved on to permanent faculty positions at leading world universities. A core feature of our research community is the breadth of its engagement with questions of ongoing ethical, social and cultural concern. Current themes include legacies of empire and slavery, migration and exile, travel, sustainability, minority languages, urban space, geopoetics, cultures of work and consumption, gender issues including gender-based violence, illness and health, memory and trauma, translation and untranslatability.

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  • One discussant will be assigned for each paper/presentation.
  • Local dynamics also shaped these discussions, including the recent entry of thousands of Algerian women into the workforce as domestic workers in European settler homes.
  • The postdoctoral Prize fellowship scheme runs every two years, alternately with the existing Prize research fellowship scheme aimed at researchers in permanent posts.
  • Bio
    Aurora Sturli is a second-year PhD candidate in Italian Studies at Cambridge University.

At worst, amplified by the power of the purse strings, coercion might push potential sugar babies into doing something they don’t want to do. The Queen’s College, University of Oxford, is offering a Junior Research Fellowship in French for candidates ukraine singles in usa who hold, or are close to completing, a doctorate in French, including literature of the French-speaking world or a related field. Many previous Junior Research Fellows have moved on to permanent faculty positions at leading world universities.

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The Gift explores how objects of prestige contributed to cross-
cultural exchanges between Africans and Europeans during the Atlantic slave
trade. An eighteenth-century silver ceremonial sword, commissioned in the port
of La Rochelle by French traders, was offered as a gift to an African
commercial agent in the port of Cabinda (Kingdom of Ngoyo), in twenty-first
century Angola. Slave traders carried this object from Cabinda to Abomey, the
capital of the Kingdom of Dahomey in twenty-first century’s Republic of Benin,
from where French officers looted the item in the late nineteenth century. These recommendations are based on (a) large-scale inaccuracies in the financial data and (b) fundamental misinterpretations of the data, in both cases depicting MLTI as a failing unit and a drain on investment. The way in which the whole process has been carried out also contravenes core aspects of due process and governance as specified in this university’s policies. The Steering Group’s distorted picture of MLTI performance has already begun inflicting severe reputational damage on the university as a whole, as well as internal reputational damage to MLTI. We hope that this message, and the linked files, will correct this impression and enable us all to work towards a more constructive way forward.

The role of Head of Department will be fixed term until 31 July 2029 initially and will be offered in combination with a permanent post at Professorial level. We welcome applications from candidates who have a strong research profile and meet the Leverhulme eligibility criteria. Interested candidates in French Studies should identify and reach out to a potential mentor or contact  at the earliest opportunity. We have an internal deadline of 1 December 2023 for this scheme.

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He is an Experiential Education Manager affiliated with Minerva University. Mingtso earned his PhD in Education from the University of Maine in 2023 and has performed different roles within the education sector, including but not limited to a teacher, instructor, facilitator, experience designer, and education researcher. Academically, his core area of interests lies at the intersection of language, education, and migration.

  • Obviously, the term “Arab world” covers a variety of geographical, linguistic, societal and cultural realities that should not be blurred but, on the contrary, highlighted.
  • You may copy it, give
    it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at
  • As a writer she has been awarded several prestigious prizes such as the Xavier Villaurrutia Award and the Sort Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize.
  • We have an internal deadline of 1 December 2023 for this scheme.
  • There are some bad eggs out there so you don’t want to let that taint your whole view of the industry.
  • The Scholarship is open to students undertaking full- or part-time doctoral
    study in French or francophone history (or a related field) at a recognised
    university anywhere in the world.

This contributed in an increase of linkage to diagnosis of chronic infection and further in uptake of treatment among non-cirrhotic patients. All the 65 inmates who were reactive to hepatitis C antibody were provided with hepatitis C RNA test of which 50 of them were confirmed positive. Out of 50 HCV RNA confirmed positive inmates, 45 of them have been provided treatment with DAAs while 5 of them were found to have been released at the time of treatment initiation. A specific mechanism was also developed to enable tracking of patients who have been released during the course of the treatment. Voluntary screening for hepatitis C antibody were conducted with shared responsibilities. Pharmaceutical companies were pursued to provide the rapid testing kits and DAAs at preferential price, local diagnostic centers for hepatitis C RNA test at preferential rate and treating physicians to provide pro bono services.

Around 35 % of the prison inmates are mostly constituted by people of drug use background. Health care services inside the prison are extremely limited and there are reports of sharing of shaving razors and tattooing equipments which has become a case of concern as such practices are the causes for the spread of viral hepatitis B, C and other blood borne diseases. Memton (63) is a widow whose husband passed away five years ago due to liver cirrhosis. She is blessed with three children, a son and two daughters. From his eldest son, she has now two grandchildren with whom she spends her whole time. Memton’s husband was a drug user during his early days but abstained from the habit after he got married. Later during his late 50’s her husband became an alcoholic.

  • The company policy was not to hire people living with hepatitis B, and my contract was terminated.
  • Having already faced lots of stigma and discrimination owing to their HIV status, they did not reveal their HCV status to anyone, even their family members, fearing more discrimination from the society.
  • They were thrilled when informed that hepatitis C is a curable disease and it is transmitted through blood only and not from sweat.
  • A bestselling author and editor of ten books, she has held visiting professorships at numerous universities in Germany, Austria and the USA.
  • Costs incurred will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

Of the total linked for HCV RNA test, 182 (56%) were found to have chronic HCV infection. For these 156 patients who were found to be non-cirrhotic, CoNE in consultation with NVHCP, adopted a differentiated service delivery model, following which DAAs were delivered directly to the person at the DTC/OST centre.

“The difficult process of hepatitis B along the way” – China (written in Chinese)

Convinced enough by the prison intervention program initiated by CoNE earlier, the State Viral Hepatitis Control Program (SVHCP) has successfully brought the national program inside the prison settings and finally conducted HCV/HBV screening programme at Manipur Central Jail, Sajiwa, on March 19, 2021. Out of the 23 inmates who were of drug use background screened for HCV and HBV, a total of 16 inmates were found to be HCV antibody reactive. The reactive patients are being linked directly to the national program for further diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, over the last one decade, Advocacy has been done at State and National level by DNP+, different NGOs and CBO demanding their Rights to the government- “implementing free HCV screening, diagnostic testing and treatment. At the same time DNP+ support key population by providing services like awareness program, support group meeting, health camp, referral, counselling etc. The people of India faced unprecedented challenges related to their Constitutional Rights (Constitution of India – Article 21) “Rights to health care”.

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  • Using LearnPress Learning Management System, we make sure that your learning experience will be easy and comfortable.
  • With the increasingly extremist rhetoric on parts of the US political spectrum, the so-called “culture wars,” violent hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people have surged in recent years.


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